Friday, February 10, 2012

Move it, lady . . .


. . . is my life right now. In exactly one week, a moving van will arrive to load us up and whisk us across the state to a new home and new adventures.

But right now? My job is to pack up everything we own.  Every nook and cranny of our house is piled with boxes and packing paper and more boxes waiting to be filled.

It doesn't really look that bad in these photos. It kind of looks neat and tidy. Orderly. Calm.


There is absolutely nothing orderly, neat and tidy going on at my house right now. And it certainly isn't calm!  It's the storm before  the calm.  The whole place is in disarray.

And the worst part of all?

THIS . . .

AND THIS . . .

The Stampingville Studio looks like a cyclone hit it. (It did.)  I can't do any paper crafting in it because I'm supposed to be packing. And even if I did accidentally wander in for a five minute creativity break, I still couldn't do anything, because half of my stamping supplies are already packed and the other half are under a pile of stuff. There isn't even a tiny bit of desk space left for stamping. Gaa!

So excuse me while go pack yet another box. And if by some miracle I find the cards I wanted to share with you and can still find my camera, I'll be back with something fun and pretty and stamping related. Hee!

Have a super weekend!

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  1. I know the feeling. We just moved into our new house right before halloween and we still are not unpacked. We had to redo all the floors so our creative space is still not done. I do find time to sneak down here and make a card from time to time but I am soooooo ready for things to settle down. Good luck with the move and have fun:)


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