Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY: Pretty Upcycled Cups + Caps + Cans

Decorated cup for storage or display

This time of year is popular for spring cleaning (so I hear), refreshing, and redecorating. I'm too busy stamping for that cleaning nonsense, but I do like to pretty things up around the house - especially the craft room.
Mosie Fab World Tuesday Trigger Photo

This little project has been on my to-do list for some time and the basic idea was in my head when along came this week's Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger. Hello ... can you say "perfect timing"?

What it was: a plastic cap/measuring cup that comes on large bottles of laundry detergent. You can also use any small can, cup or jar you have on hand.

What I did: covered it with ribbon and flower trim. So simple, but really pretty. (Details below.)

What I'll use it for:

Tombow MultipurposeLiquid Glue Holder


Any fans of our Multipurpose Liquid Glue out there? I use it frequently and don't want to have to screw the lid on and off 8642587 times while I'm crafting. By using a little cup/can like this while I'm crafting, I can leave the lid off the glue and just set it in the cup in-between uses. It also means the glue will be right at the applicator tip every time I use it. And no, it doesn't flow on it's own, so you don't have to worry about wasting lots of glue or having a big mess.

Have you ever tried using liquid glue on your projects? It provides a very strong bond for a variety of materials. It can also be used as repositionable or permanent, depending on whether you let it dry first before adhering materials together.

HIP TIP: If you've tried using liquid glue before but had glue squishing out everywhere - you've used way too much! Especially when using this glue between card stock layers, here is my motto:
Dot, Dot, Not A Lot. 
You'll get much neater results and your projects will hold together just fine for a long time.

Tombow Glue Holder Side View

How to make it: To create my decorated holder, I cut two strips of wide Two-Tone Ribbon long enough to go around the cap and adhered it using Sticky Strip, making sure the seams lined up in the back. I attached Crochet Trim along the bottom edge, again using Sticky Strip, pinching and bunching it up as I went around.

Next, I cut a length of the gorgeous Vanilla Flower Trim and adhered it around the center of the cap covering the seam where the two ribbon strips meet. (The vertical seam in the back will be mostly hidden by the Crochet Trim and the Flower Trim.)

Glue holder close up detail with flower trim

For the finishing touch, I dyed one (flower trim) flower by lightly pressing it onto a Rose Red ink pad; spritzing it with water and immediately dabbing it with a paper towel. This process removes a good deal of the ink and gives it a very soft, muted bit of color.

Using Glue Dots, I attached the dyed flower to Vanilla Seam Binding Ribbon tied in a bow and adhered the bow to the front of the cup also using Glue Dots.

This little decorated container could be used in a variety of ways around the craft room or elsewhere in your home. The small size would be perfect for storing little makeup items or hair clips near the vanity. After looking at the top photo again, this container looks like a girly votive candle holder - although I would probably use one of those flameless candles that you switch on and off just to be safe, even if the container was glass.

I love my new "glue holder"! My last one was created about 5-7 years ago and was looking pretty tired and dated. Um, actually it was downright tacky looking. This new feminine version looks so pretty and it makes me happy. And that is what we really want to achieve when we create, isn't it?


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Today's project featured the following Stampin' Up! products:
Ink: Rose Red Classic Pad (126954)
Adhesive: Sticky Strip (104294), Glue Dots (103683)
Accessories: Pink Pirouette/Rose Red 1-1/4" Two-Tone Ribbon (129294), Victoria 5/8" Crochet Trim (118481), Vanilla 5/8" Flower Trim (126869)

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  1. Hey Gayle! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

    1. Thanks for another great inspiration photo, Cath!

  2. Such a beautiful repurposed cup, Gayle!

  3. This is beautiful!!! And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! So fun that you knew Pinedale! I have only lived here for about 8 months now, grew up in Washington state - so I don't know if it has changed much, but I would imagine not much! What a small world it is! Have a great day!!!


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