Big Shot Magnetic Platform is Selling Out - Order Today!

The new and exclusive Sizzix Big Shot Magnetic Platform by Stampin' Up! has been selling like hot cakes and flying off the shelf. So much so, that current demand exceeds inventory. Due to the overwhelming demand of this popular item, Stampin' Up! will not be able to offer the magnetic platform until further notice.

Orders placed for the platform by midnight on 
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 (Mountain Time) will be honored. 

The item will likely go on backorder, however all backorders will be filled as Stampin' Up! receives additional inventory. (After midnight the item number will not be accepted.)

It's your last chance until early fall
to get your hands on this awesome product for the Big Shot. 

Magnetic Platform  
Item 130658
Price: $39.95

The new BFF of your Framelits and Edgelits! Exclusive magnetic platform to hold your Framelits and Edgelits in place when you cut.

* PLEASE NOTE: The platform produces a magnetic field. Like all magnetic fields, it may interfere with pacemakers, magnetic strips on credit cards, and cell phones if they are too close to the platform.

I've had my magnetic platform for several weeks and I could not be happier. It works like a dream and I've tossed my sticky notes aside!


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