How To: Create Perfect Banners With Flagged Ends

Thank You card with easy flagged banner

Creating banners and flags for cards, scrapbook pages, and other projects is pretty easy, but here are two really simple tricks to make it even easier.  I used both of these methods on this Thank You card featured last month.

When you want to create a little flagged end, sometimes snipping the "v" gets frustrating if it turns out lopsided. I've had this happen to me and so have countless others, so don't feel alone if it's happened to you too. Try one of these quick tricks for perfect flagged ends every time.

Trick #1 - Use a square punch

If you have any size square punch, you can use it to create flagged ends. Turn the punch so you can see the square opening, and slide the banner strip into the punch as you normally would.

How to use a square punch to create flagged banners

See the little triangle of paper showing? The top of the triangle should be right in the center of the paper. I like to mark the spot with a pencil first, so I know it's lined up perfectly centered. The bottom of the triangle should be lined up right where the points of the paper meet the punch blade.

Once you have it all lined up ... punch. Super easy.

Trick #2 - Use Paper Snips (Scissors)

With three quick snips, you can create a perfect flagged end.

Three snips to a perfectly flagged banner | Stampingville

I used to only make two snips - from one outer edge to the center, and then from the opposite outer edge to the center. This resulted in a lopsided cut about 50% of time, because it's hard to judge where the center is when cutting from an angle.

Instead, if you make a cut straight up the middle first, and then snip from the sides to meet the center cut, it turns out perfect every time. In addition, you can decide the depth of the flagged end by how far in you make that first cut.

If you have Paper Snips with precision-ground tips, they cut right to the end of the blade. This means when you snip from the side to meet up with that first center cut, you can line up the tip of the blade at the exact spot where the cut should stop. Perfection!

This is my favorite method and one I've used for a long time now. I don't have to pull out a punch; my Paper Snips are always next to me at the craft table. It literally takes me about 5 seconds to snip, snip, snip and I'm done. (I usually eyeball the first cut, but you can mark the center if you aren't confident  you'll judge it correctly.)

Quick and easy banner for cards and pages

I hope this was helpful to some of you. It seems that no matter how long you've been paper-crafting, there is always something new to learn. I love learning little helpful tips and tricks to make things easier or quicker or better in some way. You too?


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