Monday, December 15, 2014

Simply Pressed Clay Christmas Joy Ornament

Simply Pressed Clay Christmas Joy Ornament

Stampin' Up! featured a beautiful ornament in the Holiday Catalog made from our Simply Pressed Clay and I fell in love not only with the ornament, but also with the idea of making ornaments from the clay. This is a very easy Christmas craft and if you have kids they will love helping or making their own ornaments too.

I was sure I could figure out how to create the ornaments, but then I found this helpful video by Stampin' Up!  It really is just that easy. I made one "practice" ornament (that won't be on the tree!) and then created two styles of ornaments - a star shaped one and this round "joy" ornament. Both designs turned out beautifully and I also found that creating these ornaments isn't just fun - it's rather addicting.

How to make Christmas ornaments using Stampin' Up! Simply Pressed Clay modeling clay

Stampin' details:

  • Clean the silicone craft sheet well before you start. The clay easily picks up any ink residue from the sheet, as well as lint, dust, ribbon fibers, etc.
  • As in the video, I used the Endless Wishes stamp set.
  • No round cookie cutter? I used a mason jar.
  • After drying for 24 hours, the ornament was colored using an Aqua Painter and Soft Sky re-inker.
  • I placed a drop of ink in the center of the snowflake intending to use my Aqua Painter to spread the ink, but it actually spread throughout the snowflake on it's own. Very cool!
  • To ensure the Rhinestone would stick, I added a drop of Crystal Effects to the center of the snowflake and then placed the Rhinestone.
  • Try not to handle the ornament too much until it dries. You don't want to smoosh the stamped image or leave a fingerprint or marks in the clay. (Ask me how I know this.)

In the video she mentions using Paper Snips to cut the clay. I found that because the clay does not harden, it is super easy to cut after the clay has air-dryed for 24 hours. For a one-layer ornament such as mine, no cutting is necessary unless you need to snip a rough edge. For a shaped ornament (like a star), cut the clay after air-drying following the outline of the stamped image.

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